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Vyomax Colossus Hardcore (500 ct)Vyomax Colossus Hardcore (500 ct)
Each capsule of Colossus Hardcore contains: Desiccated Liver, Alfalfa, Kelp, Yeast, Vitamin C, Isoleucine, Leucine, Valine and Glutamine. All combined in one formula designed to maintain and build new muscle tissue.
Vyomax Colostrum (90 ct)Vyomax Colostrum (90 ct)
Vyomax's Colostrum is collected from cows during the first 72 hours after calving and is an exceptional source of nutrition for everyone. There are over 90 known components in Colostrum, the primary components are divided into two classes, immune factors and growth factors. Colostrum also contains a precise balance of vitamins, minerals & amino acids. All of these work together in perfect synergy to restore and maintain health.
Vyomax CycloMaxVyomax CycloMax
CycloMax is the ultimate pre-workout formula, which contains a blend of seven unique ingredients, designed to provide your body with the necessary nutrients it needs for a complete workout. Taking CycloMax over an extended period of time will encourage muscular growth, help prevent muscle breakdown, enhance muscular definition, increase anaerobic & aerobic endurance, and provide you with that all important muscular pump. CycloMax is an exclusive product aimed at the serious athlete. Other than a high quality Whey Protein Blend, CycloMax contains Creatine, Beta Alanine, Taurine, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, Palatinose and a Vitamin & Mineral blend to enhance and aid your workout.
Vyomax Deluxe Protein (2.2 kg)Vyomax Deluxe Protein (2.2 kg)
VyoMax Deluxe is a unique and highly desirable product. It is a time-released protein consisting of seven different protein sources.
Vyomax Joint DevilVyomax Joint Devil
Vyomax's Joint Devil has been specially formulated using Glucosamine Sulphate 500mg & Chondroitin Sulphate 250mg & MSM 200mg. This a perfect supplement to maintain healthy joints, stimulate cartilage repair and help improve joint viscosity.
Vyomax Kre-AlkalynVyomax Kre-Alkalyn
Kre-Alkalyn is the next step in "cell volumisation"; it uses a new and unique creatine absorption system. Buffered Kre-Alkalyn ensures a higher adsorption and availability. As a consequence, smaller doses will lead to an enhanced result. Secondary effects, such as flatulence, water retention and cramps, are eliminated.
Vyomax Maxi Carbs Powder (1000g)Vyomax Maxi Carbs Powder (1000g)
Vyomax Maxi Carbs Powder is 100% Maltodextrin. Great for high intensity aerobic sports ie, cycling, running and weight training. To improve athletic performance and reduce glycogen depletion in muscle tissue, the body requires regular intakes of high glycaemic-index carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the fuel that your body uses during high intensity exercises to significantly improve performance and recovery, it is important to take the correct carbohydrates at the correct time. As the muscle can only store a limited amount of carbohydrates, this needs to be at as maximum level before exercise and more importantly, during and after exercise.
Vyomax Maxi Force NOX Formula 30 SachetsVyomax Maxi Force NOX Formula 30 Sachets
Vyomax Maxi Force NOX Formula is an all-in-one pre-workout supplement that has been scientifically formulated to optimise any given workout.
Vyomax Meal Replacement (2.2 kg)Vyomax Meal Replacement (2.2 kg)
Taking VyoMax Meal Replacement in conjunction with a structured training regime will assist in weight loss, encourage the development of lean muscle, help prevent muscle breakdown, enhance muscular definition, and increase anaerobic & aerobic endurance.
Vyomax Protein Flapjacks (12 Bars)Vyomax Protein Flapjacks (12 Bars)
We all love a treat now and then, but what about our all important protein intake? Look no further! Each flapjack contains 15g of protein. The other benefits of Vyomax Protein Flapjacks are:
Vyomax Tribulus TerrestrisVyomax Tribulus Terrestris
Tribulus Terrestris is a testosterone-elevating herb provided in 500mg vegetable capsules. Now increased levels from 40% Saponins to a very high level of 60% Saponins. A must use product that gives both strength increases and muscle gain with minimal body weight increase.
Vyomax Vitamin OrganiserVyomax Vitamin Organiser
The Vyomax Vitamin Organiser / Pill box is ideal for bodybuilders, sportsmen or health-conscious people who are on the go and want to organize their daily supplement needs. Organized by date and time of day.
Vyomax VyoGain (2.2 kg)Vyomax VyoGain (2.2 kg)
VyoGain is a balanced and optimal weight gain formula specifically formulated to support muscle mass, strength, performance and recovery.
Vyomax VyoGain Bars (12 Bars)Vyomax VyoGain Bars (12 Bars)
Vyogain Bars, from Vyomax Nutrition are designed specifically to enhance your mass gain diet and training routine.
Colossus Hardcore (500 ct)
Colostrum (90 ct)
Deluxe Protein (2.2 kg)
Joint Devil
Maxi Carbs Powder (1000g)
Maxi Carbs Powder (5000g)
Maxi Force NOX Formula 30 Sachets
Meal Replacement (2.2 kg)
Protein Flapjacks (12 Bars)
Tribulus Terrestris
Vitamin Organiser
VyoGain (2.2 kg)
VyoGain Bars (12 Bars)
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